Why Pond Shield Epoxy is a Better Alternative?

Published: 12th April 2013
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It is really expensive to make a pond and it takes a great deal of time and planning. It makes sense to choose a liner that will guarantee that your vision will last for several years and the elegance of the pond will remain season after season.

A manufactured liner is liked by many people because of the manufacturer's guarantee. First, the guarantee is for all standard wear and tear. The liner is not guaranteed against microscopic holes that are brought on by slipping limbs, ice chips, mice and raccoons, or any foreign object entering into the pond. Children have a natural instinct of throwing rocks in ponds or any other water bodies for that matter. These kinds of rocks can also cause small holes in the pond. Finding a leak in a pond is certainly not an easy thing. To find that small hole you would first have to drain the pond, remove the liner and then start your endeavor to locate a needle in the haystack. You can avoid this problem by using pond shield epoxy when constructing the pond.

If you plan on building a water feature or a water fall that feeds in to your pond, then you will have issues with using a manufactured liner. It seems to be low-cost but if you add all the costs over time, it is a lot more costly. Rocks are utilized to protect the liner when there is a waterfall in the pond. These stones are certainly beneficial in protecting the liner. However, these stones might be moved or shifted because of hard rain or bad weather. Anyone walking around the structure can slip and fall resulting in great physical harm. You are responsible for their injury. Kids are never able to follow the directions they receive from an adult. Simply because the advice came from an adult. Your kids will surely climb up these rocks. If you had a fixed cement or stone foundation sealed with pond shield epoxy for your fountain, falling rocks and boulders would not be a problem.

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If your contractor tells you that you can have a drain at the bottom of your pond in spite of using a manufactured liner, then you should be careful. In order to install that bottom drain the liner needs to be cut so the drain can fit. Even when the builder makes all the necessary efforts to make the area around the drain water tight, it will begin leaking in a matter of month. It is not a wise idea to have a bottom drain in a manufactured liner.

Pond shield epoxy will let your imagination run free. Using pond shield epoxy, you can make your pond in any style, size and with any features that you would like. Using a manufactured liner, you will need to limit your creativeness. You need to shape your pond in accordance with their design if you use a manufactured liner. A lot of work hours will be required in building the pond and for that reason, employing a contractor to construct your pond will be a pretty costly undertaking.

You would naturally be more inclined towards using a course that saves your money. A manufactured liner may be inexpensive in the beginning, but the real cost comes in once it is being used. In the long run, you will be better off using pond shield epoxy. It will ensure the work that is being done today will still be beautiful and functional years from now.

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