When it Comes to Pond Shield Epoxy, What Should You Do?

Published: 10th May 2013
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Great job! You have taken the time, the resources and the patience to make a pond on your property. This investment will pay off in the long run since a lovely pond can increase your property value compared with your neighbor who has not put in this element of landscaping. You have a budget and you cannot go outside this spending budget. You should consider using spray pond shield epoxy as opposed to rollers and paint brushes in the construction of your pond. You can benefit considerably here.

Before you make this decision, you have to be conscious that this is not a task you can carry out by yourself. One more thing is that you can't use your normal daily paint spray to spray epoxy since it is thicker. You can find an epoxy sprayer from your local hardware or home improvement store. It is advisable to rent this sprayer rather than buying it since you will be using it for only one job. If you think that you will be using this sprayer a number of times through the years, then you can buy one.

Spraying pond shield is only a good idea if you have an area that would require at least 8-quart kits if you were using brushes or rollers. Spraying on an area less than this would not be cost effective. Since the sprayer itself will use some of your epoxy, you want to follow instructions on how much additional Pond Shield you need to get.

Now you must be thinking about the sprayer you need to rent...

Store associates always mean to be helpful to customers wanting to rent do-it-yourself tools. The correct kind of spraying machine would run at a minimum of 3000 psi. The greater the psi, the better. In any case, you shouldn't let the sales person persuade you into renting a sprayer that has a maximum of 3000 psi. It would be a waste. A minimum of 3000 psi is an extremely important condition.

The area you can cover depends upon the size of the tip at the end of the sprayer. Your work would be more quick and simple if you use a large tip sprayer. The hose also needs to be large. If you compare a fire hose with a garden hose, the latter will pass more water. This does not mean you'll need a hose with that diameter, but you surely need a hose that is a minumum of one half inch in diameter on the inside of the hose.

You would also require a helper on this task. You do not need somebody faint of heart. The assistant that you choose for this task should know well how to prepare epoxy shield so you are not out of fluid until the job is done. When you start spraying, you should stop when you complete the job because epoxy shield is fast to dry. If you stop, the epoxy will harden and it will be a great problem to clean the sprayer.

It can save you hours of labor if you spray your pond with epoxy shield as opposed to using rollers or brushes. You just need some assistance, a good sprayer and sufficient amount of epoxy shield. If you wish to know in dollars and cents what your time savings are, if you haven't already, ask an expert how much it would cost to build your pond from beginning to end. Now calculate the amount of time you have spent up until spraying the Pond Shield epoxy. Divide the professional quote by the number of hours you have in the job and that will provide a good idea of how much just one hour of your time has been worth in building your pond. You should also take into account the four to five hours that you will save by spraying your pond.

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